Vagina Ice Cream Bowl

Vagina Ice Cream Bowl

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****Made to order: It takes me 4-6weeks to make these.

**** Want one ASAP! I have a few in stock I can send in 1-2 days. Feel feel free to message me!!

Looking to mix it up! This is the perfect way to add more spice to your kitchen with a bowl that will make you feel empowered and put a smile on your face?

Mother Nature Ice Cream Bowls!

This Mother Nature collection started out as some one off unique ornaments ... but those quickly became the loved pussy jewelry holder. I have so much fun making these vagina inspired sculptures I knew I needed to as a few more to the line. So here we are with my new favorite Vagina Ice Cream bowl. Just like the original jewelry dishes these bowls come in a few styles; galaxy, rainbow, tropical paradise, under the sea. Some even have a golden clit painted with real gold :)

I am always thrilled to work with client if they would  like to collaborate with me to make something different and new. 

Thank you for checking out my work!

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